FiiO M11 Plus: AK4497EQ DAC and five playback modes

New from FiiO, the M11 Plus audio player runs Android 10 and has a 24-bit, 1440×720 full front panel display. M11 Plus inherits many of the features of the M11 Pro from two years ago.

Despite fires in the manufacturing plants and the subsequent shortage of components, this powerful portable audio player is based on a dual AK4497EQ DAC. The output is THX AAA-78 amplification with error correction technology, and the 8-core Snapdragon 660 processor is responsible for system control and signal processing.

FiiO M11 Plus

All of this is located in modular compartments of a common enclosure, made with enhanced protection against interference. The system is equipped with a femtosecond quartz oscillator. Audio quality parameters of the M11 Plus look serious: reproducible frequency range of 20-92 000 Hz with an MTI + noise of 0,00146% and channel separation of 111dB.

It supports PCM, DoP and D2P digital audio formats (up to 32 bits/384 kHz) plus DSD (up to 2.8224 MHz). The 64GB of flash memory “on board” can be supplemented with a MicroSD card with a maximum capacity of 2TB.

FiiO M11 Plus

Music from the FiiO M11 Plus can be listened to in five modes: using third-party apps in Android mode, with the purest Pure Music signal, using a connection to a computer in USB DAC mode or in Bluetooth mode (version 5.0 and Airplay mode are supported). MQA 8-x support is also present.

FiiO M11 Plus

The player is certified Hi-Res audio and Hi-Res audio Wireless, comes in an aluminum case and weighs 310g.

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