Firmware v4.10 add Roon support for all Melco EX models

The Melco EX series of compact player-streamers (the manufacturer called them digital music libraries) will receive full Roon 1.8 support and various improvements with iOS 4.10. Some of the Melco EX models are already Roon compatible after the previous firmware that appeared last fall. This music management platform is now available for all models in the Melco EX series.

Another improvement is that from now on the firmware for the N100 and N10 models comes “over the air” – in particular, Wi-Fi is used. Before that, the update was done manually, using a computer and a flash drive. The entire process can now be started with a simple click of a button.

Firmware v4.10 add Roon support for all Melco EX models

The manufacturer promised that the Melco EX devices will work with the Roon in the highest possible quality. Melco digital audio technology is used, which avoids standard IT components in the audio path.

Users will get the convenience of Roon, allowing the system to work equally easily with local storage such as HDD or SSD, and with Internet services like Tidal, Spotify and Qobuz.

Firmware v4.10 add Roon support for all Melco EX models

Firmware v4.10 will add enhanced DSD compatibility to the EX libraries, improve the stability of the Twonky UPnP server and work with websites. In addition, it will be possible to dim the screen saver and disable the dedicated Melco player port on the Melco N1A and Melco N1Z models. Also, the inscriptions in French and German will be displayed more correctly.

For older Melco models, you can also provide the functionality of the updated Melco EX, but this requires the intervention of the company’s specialists. In the UK this procedure will cost £500.

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