PMC fact 8 and 12 Signature speakers come in walnut finish

The floor acoustics of the British company PMC under the name fact 8 and 12 Signature will be finished in walnut veneer. The company stressed that this was done following the wishes of customers and “in accordance with the current trends in interior design and furniture.”

Until now, the two-way fact.8 Signature and the three-way fact.12 Signature were available in black lacquer. Matt white finishes were available on request. We talked about this acoustics in a report from the Munich High End 2019 exhibition.

Both models received walnut veneer after the older model of the fact line, fenestria, became available. By the way, the 8 and 12 Signature models inherited the crossover circuitry from it. These are the same hand-picked components that are positioned to reduce unwanted interference.

PMC fact 8 and 12 Signature speakers come in walnut finish

The crossover feeds the signal to the Sonomex dome tweeter common to both models. The 8th model uses a pair of 140mm (5.5 inches) ultra-long-throw woofers. In fact.12, they were complemented by a handcrafted 50mm dome midrange, similar in design to the Fenestria midrange.

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