Audiolab DC Block: DC blocker and RFI/EMI surge protector

The British company Audiolab, known for its semiconductor audio, has released the first DC blocker and DC block in its portfolio. This is a relatively compact double-acting device specially designed for high-quality sound lovers.

The DC Block, as its name suggests, removes the DC component from the AC supply in the first place. This is the “bias” that makes transformers hum and negatively affects the performance of almost any complex electronics. In addition, DC Block restores the mains supply to the correct sinusoidal waveform.

Audiolab DC Block

Another new feature is filtering, which removes RFI/EMI contamination from the supply voltage. The first are radio interference and interference from sources of electromagnetic radiation, which are overflowing with the living environment of a modern person.

The second is the distortion of the supply voltage arising from the presence of low-quality unbalanced loads in the network: thyristor circuits, switching power supplies and others.

Audiolab DC Block

Audiolab DC Block is designed to remove all this interference that can penetrate the audio path, even before connecting the audio component. The novelty is released in a case with dimensions 113x59x140 mm in black or silver.

In the UK, the Audiolab DC Block was priced at £100.

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