Availability from France JM REYNAUD

The new compact acoustics of the French brand Lunna are considered affordable by European standards – these 2.5-way speakers are made in France and are offered at 1,800 euro per pair.


Dimensions – 85 x 30.8 x 18.6 cm, weight of each speaker 18 kg. The body is made of MDF with a thickness of 19 mm. Felt surround around the speakers eliminates sound reflections from the front panel.


The midrange / woofers with a diameter of 13 cm are manufactured according to the company’s specifications, the same drivers are installed in the more expensive models Euterpe and Bliss Jubilé. The diffusers are made of paper with long fibers, its suspension and the reverse side of the membrane have a damping coating, which reduces internal resonances.


The fabric dome tweeter with a diameter of 25 mm and a neodymium magnet is housed in a plastic waveguide to improve dispersion.

Frequency range 40 Hz – 25 kHz. Sensitivity 91 dB, recommended amplifier power 40 – 160 W, maximum input power 200 W, impedance 4 Ohm, THD <0.5% (84 dB).

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