Bandsintown Plus Music Service: Live Streams & Exclusive Content

The coronavirus pandemic, which began almost a year ago, is still not over, so we all have to rebuild and get used to new orders. Musicians are not the least affected by this: concerts have been canceled and are being canceled, and there is no question of large world tours yet. However, the industry does not stand still. For example, the other day it became known about the launch of a paid service Bandsintown Plus, which is completely dedicated to online concerts.

The creators of the service said that they offered only exclusive content, which is not available on any other site. First of all, we are talking about live broadcasts. The program for January and February has already been compiled: viewers will be able to see online performances of various artists and groups, including Fleet Foxes, Flying Lotus, Poolside, Tycho, Joe Bonamassa, etc.

Bandsintown Plus

Representatives of Bandsintown Plus noted that no one promises concerts of the world’s main stars, but everyone will be able to find something for themselves. In addition, the service will allow you to meet new interesting artists. The main task is to help independent musicians survive difficult times.

In the US, the cost of a monthly subscription to Bandsintown Plus was $10.

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