Primephonic introduces algorithm that tells interesting facts about tunes

Classical music streaming service Primephonic has added the Maestro feature to its capabilities. This is the algorithm by which on the screen of the Primephonic application, right in the player window, the text about what is being played is updated every 20-30 seconds. Maestro will tell you about the history of the creation of the work, its author, performance and much more.

According to Primephonic CEO Thomas Steffens, Maestro was created as a simple and straightforward guide for the listener. The idea came after the success of the digital album booklets that Primephonic had presented before.

Primephonic introduces Maestro algorithm

In playlists and searches, tracks supplemented with Maestro lyrics are marked with the logo of this function – a stylized letter M. Judging by the published list, there are already more than a hundred such works in the Primephonic library. You can try Maestro with a 14-day free trial at Primephonic.

A Primephonic Premium subscription in the UK costs £10 per month.

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