Devialet Phantom Reactor Custom speakers integrated with Savant ecosystem

Savant and Devialet have announced an exclusive partnership. The first results of this collaboration are expanding the capabilities of the Devialet Phantom Reactor Custom. Now this active speaker will interact with the Savant smart home ecosystem. It can be controlled from the Savant application, as well as using voice commands.

Showcased at ISE 2020 in February, Devialet Phantom Reactor Custom speakers feature 800W ADH amplification and proprietary SAM technology. This allowed the small speaker to generate 97 dB SPL. At the time of release, the Devialet Phantom Reactor Custom was already compatible with the Dante, Crestron, and Custom 4 ecosystems.

Savant capabilities have now been added to these. Devialet Phantom Reactor Custom can now be purchased from Savant as one of the CI – Custom Installation models.

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