The collaboration between Ennio Morricone and Bruno Nicola was reissued on vinyl after almost half a century

“Dimensioni Sonore – Musiche Per L’Immagine E L’immaginazione”, a joint musical project by Ennio Morricone and Bruno Nicolai, will be re-released by Dialogo in October this year.

The box-set of 10 records under the code DIALP901-10 will hold 103 songs. This project was originally released by RCA in 1972 – as part of Morricone and Nicola’s Catalogo Di Musiche Per Sonorizzazioni. For almost 50 years, it remained a rare edition available to only a few collectors.

The scores presented in it, according to a Dialogo spokesman, range from “cerebral jazz numbers to avant-garde abstractions.” Morricone and Nicolai met in the early 1950s while students at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome. Working together throughout their careers, they have created many works.

In the work on the edition, remastering from analogue master tapes was used. The print run will be by the end of September, and in Europe the release “Dimensioni Sonore – Musiche Per L’Immagine E L’immaginazione” is already available for pre-order for 180 euro.

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