Dirac Implements Headphone Surround Sound Emulation in Headphone Chipsets

Dirac is actively collaborating with headphone manufacturers, implementing its sound processing technologies in a wide variety of models. Now, headphone makers using chipsets from Qualcomm, BES and MediaTek will be able to use Dirac’s surround sound emulation for headphones, regardless of the source being used.

As stated in the press release, thanks to the surround sound function, manufacturers will be able to share the fairly competitive market for wireless headphones, while listeners will enjoy immersive sound created on the basis of classic stereo, regardless of which device they are connected to and what content is played: music, games or movies.

Dirac Implements Headphone Surround Sound Emulation in Headphone Chipsets

“This is the first time that surround sound has been integrated into a headphone DSP and is an important step in the evolution of audio technology,” said Peter Cedmer, Headphone Head at Dirac. – Traditionally, headphone sound optimization technology had to be implemented in smartphones, players or other sources. Dirac’s ability to integrate the algorithm directly into headphone chipsets opens up a new world full of innovation and diversity. “

The complete solution from Dirac offers two functions: surround sound emulation and speaker optimization. Surround sound emulation is based on the patented Dynamic HRTF technology, which modifies normal stereo sound so that it produces a home theater effect on any headphones.

The optimization function is based on proprietary Dirac technology, which reads, analyzes and corrects the phase and power response of the speakers. This improves the sound quality of the headphones – the sound, as stated in the press release, becomes cleaner and more balanced, with more concentrated and richer bass.

Dirac Implements Headphone Surround Sound Emulation in Headphone Chipsets

First of all, the latter function is designed for fully wireless headphones – the most actively developing niche in the modern headphone market: according to Dirac, it will allow you to achieve the best sound even from miniature models.

Dirac is ready to offer this function to manufacturers and separately from the surround sound function. Thanks to a team of experts, manufacturers will be able to retain their signature sound signature even in headphones tuned with Dirac.

Two manufacturers – Klipsch and RHA – have already announced their partnership with Dirac and will soon be implementing the company’s technology into new headphone models. Negotiations are also underway with several other manufacturers.