Totaldac d1-switch audiophile Ethernet switch ready for release

The French company Totaldac has announced the Totaldac d1-switch Ethernet switch. So far, there is not much data about it – it is known that the case of the novelty corresponds in size and design to the well-known models of the company, although Totaldac suggested using the d1-switch not only for them.

Vincent Brient of Totaldac said, “The d1-switch is made to improve the sound of a digital source connected to the network, making the sound more natural for local files reading but also a internet streaming“.

Totaldac d1-switch

Interestingly, the developer has assigned its own functions to each of the three RJ45 connectors on the rear panel of the Totaldac d1-switch. One of them is the router input for connecting to the local network. But the other one was recommended for NAS, server or Roon Core device like Totaldac d1 player. The third is the streamer input. Of the Totaldac products, d1-streamer-mk2 was recommended.

According to the Totaldac, a proprietary Ethernet cable/filter will work for all connections. The D1-switch is equipped with a Totaldac live power supply.

Availability and price

The appearance of d1-switch on sale is expected in the spring. In Europe, Totaldac d1-switch will cost 4,200 euros without VAT.