FalkenOhr introduced the CS-II audio cable routing system

Austrian audio furniture brand FalkenOhr offered the CS-II cable management system. According to FalkenOhr, conductor shielding is only part of the protective measures that can protect the signal of harmful effects. The cables must also be protected from vibrations and ensure correct wiring – the mutual distance between them.

For this, the FalkenOhr CS-II system is needed. It fixes the cables, making them immobile and immune to vibration. It is important that this does not involve serious mechanical forces that could disturb the internal geometry of the cable.

The CS-II routing system is designed for cables with a diameter of 6 to 20 mm. The cable passes through the tension rings made of nitrile butadiene rubber fixing it. This principle of fastening on stretched shock-absorbing rubber threads is a bit like the principle of operation of studio microphone suspensions.

Each clamp in the CS-II system converts vibration energy into heat, with the cable itself mechanically decoupled from the attachment point. In turn, the CS-II suspension is also vibration-insulated from the rack on which it is installed.

The cost of the FalkenOhr CS-II cabling systems has not yet been announced.

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