Fezz Audio Sculptor Reference: Proprietary Filtering and Dedicated Grounding

The Polish brand Fezz Audio has introduced the Sculptor Reference power extension cable for Hi-Fi systems and setups. The novelty received a sturdy metal chassis with aluminum feet and anti-vibration pads. It contains a system of six Schuko Furutech sockets grouped by purpose with gold-plated contacts.

Two outlets are equipped with DC Blocker system. It filters out the DC component that can occur in AC networks when a powerful impulse load is connected. Such constant current negatively affects the performance of transformers in audio equipment. DC Blocker protects against magnetization reversal, heating of the transformer and distortion of the shape of its output signal.

Fezz Audio Sculptor Reference

Three more outlets labeled “Direct” are for high-power devices and are directly connected in a “star” topology. For this, a stranded copper wire with a cross section of 4 mm² was used.

The remaining socket for devices up to 60W such as DACs, preamps, players and phono stages is equipped with a Ground Lift system and its own fuse. This source provides low-current consumers with a dedicated cleaned ground that can reduce playback noise.

Fezz Audio Sculptor Reference

At the end of the Sculptor Reference case, there is an LCD indicator of an electronic voltmeter that simulates an analog dial gauge. Its accuracy is 0.5%. For convenience, the display is backlit. The Sculptor Reference Power Extension Cord is available in black or white and weighs 7.5 kg.

In Poland, the Sculptor Reference will cost PLN 5,900, which is approximately USD 1,475.

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