ACCA1-04 Audiophile Sedan: Warm tube sound and studio conditions on the go

The newly formed Association of custom car audio (ACCA) has proposed an eponymous sedan concept for audiophiles. The ACCA1-04 car is assembled on the basis of one of the popular models and, according to the developers, is designed to “provide ideal listening conditions at any speed”.

Unlike conventional systems, where individual audio components are equipped with vibration protection, the entire car interior is protected from vibration in the ACCA1-04. As a result, noise from the engine, suspension, wheels, as well as sounds from the outside do not penetrate into the inside. According to the developers, in such conditions it is possible to appreciate, for example, the work of a DAC with a noise level of up to -120 dB.

ACCA1-04 Audiophile Sedan

The internal vibration-insulated passenger compartment is connected to the vehicle body using patented mounts. They are made of precious wood, coated with silver ligands in combination with titanium balls. For ideally even movement without shaking and tilting under the floor with a frequency of 33 1/3 rpm, a flat gyroscope disk with a diameter of 1.5 m and a mass of about 900 kg rotates.

Inside, on the axis of the gyroscope, a turntable disk is fixed. When combined with a belt drive, this is said to provide spinning stability unmatched by even the best stationary home systems.

ACCA1-04 Audiophile Sedan

A total of 53 speakers are installed in the cabin. They receive a total output of up to 1.2 kW from pure class A tube amplifiers mounted under the seats. All car wiring is made of silver plated OFC litsedate.

The ACCA concept will be unveiled at the upcoming High End Automotive Show.

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