Serblin & Son Raptor 1000: 500 watts per channel and car tachometer style indicator

Italian semiconductor audio designer Fabio Serblin, Serblin & Son, has unveiled the Raptor 1000 integrated amplifier.

Its power supplies deliver 500 watts to 4-ohm speakers, and the volume is controlled by a passive system in which a telecommunications-grade relay switches a set of precision resistors. The regulator provides 127 switchable volume levels and, according to the developer, ensures not only the sound quality, but also the stability of parameters and the durability of the device as a whole.

The amplifier received an onboard DAC based on the Texas PCM1794 chip. This complements the analog inputs – a pair of balanced XLRs and a pair of unbalanced RCA ones – with digital inputs. Among them: two XLR (AES / EBU), one S / PDIF and one Toslink. The rear-panel USB connector, according to the manufacturer, simply supplies 5V.

Serblin & Son Raptor 1000

The current volume of the device is displayed by a round arrow indicator. It is so large that it protrudes far beyond the dimensions of the case, so that all this together resembles an automobile dashboard. So it seemed to the developers of Serblin & Son. A stepper motor, borrowed from the automotive industry, is responsible for the position of the arrow. This made it possible to increase the angle of rotation available to it up to 270 °.

At the top of the circular dial, there is a place for an OLED display, which shows the position of the selector, the DAC operating mode, the temperature of the power amplifier and the voltage in the AC line. To control the novelty, you can use an application running on Android or iOS.

The cost of the Raptor 1000 at Serblin & Son has yet to be announced.