Gautier Audio Evasion: Gnome-like speakers with beryllium tweeters

The French company Gautier Audio has released the original Evasion shelf speakers, which look like friendly garden gnomes. However, from a technical point of view, these are very serious monitors.

The shape of the housings avoids the occurrence of standing waves and unwanted vibrations, and the walls are made of a complex composite that includes a mixture of wood fibers, epoxy resin, fiberglass and binders. Moreover, the composition of the composite varies depending on the area of the housing. The bottom is made of high-density fiberboard, when ordering, the buyer can choose any finish color.

Gautier Audio Evasion

The main speaker manufactured by Davis has a Kevlar diffuser with a diameter of 13 cm, and a tweeter with a dome made of pure beryllium is responsible for high frequencies. The acoustic design includes a proprietary system for absorbing the back radiation of the speaker using an innovative material in combination with a classic sound absorber. Each speaker weighs 9.5 kilograms. The sensitivity of the model is 89 dB, the nominal resistance is 4 ohms.

Gautier Audio Evasion

Gautier Audio Evasion shelf speakers are available for order at a price of 13,500 euros. The speakers can be purchased together with branded stands, which will cost another 4,700 euros.

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