Sonance’s Invisible Series introduces updated Motion Flex models

According to the manufacturer, the new Sonance Invisible installation loudspeakers are the most perfect expression of what hidden in-wall acoustics can be. Sonance engineers have tried to make speakers that can “fill the entire space with sound,” without anyone seeing or identifying the source of the sound.

The manufacturer highlighted several main features on which the new Invisible speakers are based.

Sonance's Invisible Series updated Motion Flex models

First, the company drew attention to the Motion Flex mounting technology, which should make the speaker easy to install. The Motion Flex installation is also designed to provide the correct acoustic properties. The second important point is the Wave Flex Drive Unit system. Thanks to it, the midrange and tweeter use the flexural wave principle for softer mids and clean highs.

Also worth noting is the fiberglass Air Flex woofers, which are connected to acoustically inert diaphragms through “air pockets” to deliver crisp bass. In addition, the new Invisible speakers feature CDX crossovers for smooth off-axis frequency response.

Sonance's Invisible Series updated Motion Flex models

The Sonance catalog offers six new Invisible models: IS6, IS8, IS8T, IS10, IS10W and IS15W. The last two models are subwoofer speakers. The numbers in the names (applies to all models) indicate the diameters of the midrange / woofer. Recommended wattage is from 100 W to 250 W depending on the model.

Regardless of the version, all speakers are ready for surface finishing up to 3 mm thick (mixes, paint, plaster, wallpaper, veneer).

The cost of new products has not yet been announced, but it is already known that the speakers will reach the Russian market in December.