Mutec releases REF10 SE120 reference clock generator

The German company Mutec has released a 10 MHz reference clock generator REF10 SE120. The novelty was created on the basis of its famous predecessor – the 2017 model REF10.

The REF10 SE120 master watch produces a very high precision signal. With a deviation of 1 Hz, the phase noise does not exceed -120 dBc. Accordingly, the jitter level (rms) is less than 15 fs in the critical frequency range of 1-100 Hz. At the heart of the novelty are selected OCXO (thermostatically controlled, i.e. equipped with constant temperature control systems) clock generators made in Germany.

Mutec REF10 SE120

According to Mutec, these OCXOs have been selected after hours of measurements using precision and costly measuring technology, in accordance with the strictest standards, resulting in a small number of products. The novelty has a built-in high-quality linear power supply with noise filtering. The chassis is designed for rack mounting with optional 2 RU mounting brackets – for example, for studio use.

The versatility of the REF10 SE120 comes from its connectivity. The generator provides simultaneous 50 and 75 ohm reference outputs for compatibility with a variety of audio components. The REF10 SE120 has eight galvanically isolated individually switchable BNC clock outputs on board.

Mutec REF10 SE120

The company said the REF10 SE120 currently delivers what they know to be the lowest phase noise and thus jitter in the industry. This clock generator, according to Mutec, will maximize the audio capabilities of devices working with it: DACs, music servers or other digital audio systems.

The REF10 SE120 clock generator is available in a robust black or silver metal casing. The cost of REF10 SE120 in Europe was 5,500 euro.