Pangea Audio has released a low-profile version of the Record Doctor clamp

The company Pangea Audio announced the imminent release of the Record Doctor clamp in a low-profile version. According to Steve Niemi, Global Sales Director at Pangea Audio, the original clamp model has become one of the company’s most successful accessories.

As stated, Record Doctor removes possible unwanted resonances and as a result, the record sounds more accurate and stable. In addition, it is even able to slightly correct the flaws in the geometry of the disk, if they are not too large.

This property is enhanced in the Record Doctor clamp by a collet clip that holds the player’s axis. If desired, the clamping force can be made much greater than the action of the clamp’s own weight — 160 g.

The low-profile Record Doctor (its height is no more than 3 cm) is addressed to those vinyl lovers who prefer to listen to their records under the dust cover of the player: the height of the original Record Doctor simply did not allow it to be closed on many turntables. With a low-profile Record Doctor, this problem will disappear. Otherwise, both models are identical.

The price of the new product also did not change — 30 US dollars.

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