Revox expands its Invisible series of built-in speakers

Revox has updated the Invisible line of built-in speakers. The presentation of new products has recently taken place in Germany.

Among other things, it became known that the Revox Group bought out a factory that produces architectural acoustics using NXT technology under the PurSonic brand. The brand itself was also taken over by Revox. Thus, the company was able to significantly expand the catalog with new models of in-wall speakers – including subwoofers.

It is already known that the Invisible series began to produce ultra-thin 33-mm speakers, acoustics for wet rooms (Aqua models), and also special speakers appeared for placement behind wooden wall panels (Wood models). Previously, the traditional solution for such speakers was to cover with a thin layer of plaster or wallpaper.

Revox expands its Invisible series

In the near future, a global presentation of new products should take place, but the technical parameters of most models are already known. For example, the 33mm Invisible 40 Aqua Slim wet room speaker can play up to 40W with 85dB sensitivity from 120Hz to 19kHz.

Model 40 Wood Slim has almost identical parameters. Just over 100mm thick, the Inv Sub subwoofer can handle frequencies up to 50Hz with a maximum output of 100W.

In total, there are about 10 models among the new products. Prices have not yet been announced.

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