Accustic Arts Mono V and Amp V Amplifiers: 1.5 kilowatts in one or two channels

German company Accustic Arts has unveiled the fifth generation of MONO V and AMP V. This time the appearance of both V power amplifiers coincided with the output of the Accustic Arts Preamp III – it is clear that these components are designed to look and work harmoniously.

Both amplifiers are classified by Accustic Arts as reference class. Mono V and Amp V are very similar. On the one hand, their cases are indistinguishable, except for the different number of connectors on the rear panel of the 2-channel Amp V and the Mono V. In addition, they are distinguished by the model designation, milled into the thick top plate of the case.

Accustic Arts Mono V and Amp V Amplifiers

Otherwise, if you analyze the parameters, Amp V is actually two Mono Vs in one package. Each power supply has 20 selected MOS-FET output transistors (there were 12 of them in versions II – in six complementary pairs).

Power is supplied from a sealed toroidal transformer (there are two of them in the Amp V). Each transformer is supplemented with a battery of capacities of 110,000 uF – it also increased by 30,000 uF. Looking ahead, let’s say that the power of the Mono V and Amp V in comparison with the II models has increased approximately threefold.

Accustic Arts Mono V and Amp V Amplifiers

Damping coefficient

Accustic Arts engineers traditionally paid special attention to the damping coefficient, which they described as “extremely” and “very” high for the Mono V and Amp V. In addition, the Mono V uses switchable linearization of the damping factor.

Both amplifiers can accept balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA input signals. And finally, the power: for 4 Ohm speakers with THD + N = 0.1% distortion, both power units are capable of delivering about 1400 W per channel for Mono V and two channels for Amp V. At the same time, a 2 Ohm load is also subject to both new products: with the same quality, Mono V and Amp V will give it more than 1,500 watts per channel.

Accustic Arts Mono V and Amp V Amplifiers

The amp weights match the capabilities: 71kg for the Mono V and 80kg for the Amp V. Pricing for these Accustic Arts amp’s have yet to be announced. But it is obvious that you will be able to buy Accustic Arts Mono V and Amp V this year.

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