Dekoni Audio Ear Pads for Focal Stellia headphones

American company Dekoni Audio, known for its headphone accessories (full-size ear pads and in-ear), has introduced a limited edition of Focal Stellia headphone ear pads. We have already talked about this closed model.

Dekoni said its Stellia LTD ear cushions have the same intricate design as standard Stellia ear cushions. They are attached to the headphones with spring-loaded pins – like speaker grills.

Dekoni Audio Ear Pads for Focal Stellia

The soft contact area is made of sheep leather, the speaker is protected by an acoustic fabric, the framing surface is velor. Dekoni’s products are filled with Slow Memory Foam, which gives the ear cushions comfort, not firmness.

According to the manufacturer, it provides “an emphasis on vocals and midbass, with some extra breathing and shimmer.” Previously, the Dekoni portfolio offered four Stellia compatible Elite earpads – but the authenticity of the design was not guaranteed.

Dekoni Audio Ear Pads for Focal Stellia

In addition, Dekoni Stellia LTD ear pads are approximately half the price of Focal products. You can buy them on the Dekoni website for $100 per pair.

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