Hegel V10: Universal MM/MS phono corrector

Hegel has released a new model of compact universal phono corrector V10, designed to work with the heads of the pickup with a movable magnet (MM) and a movable coil (MS).

The compact housing of the device is divided into two parts inside, which allows you to physically separate the power supply circuits from low-current circuits. The external power supply unit is built on a W-shaped transformer and is placed in a separate housing. To connect the vinyl player, there are separate inputs for the MM and MS heads, and to connect the corrector to the amplifier, there are two outputs-normal on RCA and symmetrical on XLR.

Hegel V10

The input stage is built on low-noise JFET transistors, and at the input for the MS heads they are connected in parallel, which, according to the developer, allows you to completely get rid of noise. Correction circuits are powered by individual blocks on bipolar transistors. On the back panel of the device, there are channel-by-channel switches that allow you to select the desired input capacitance for MM heads, input impedance for MS cartridges,and select the desired gain.

Hegel V10

The Hegel V10 phono corrector will go on sale in Europe in February 2021 at an estimated retail price of 1,500 euros.

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