NuPrime LPS-205 and LPS-212 Power Supplies: Audiophile 5 or 12 Volt

NuPrime brand, owned by Singapore-based NuOem, introduced two power supplies: LPS-205 and LPS-212. LPS abbreviations in model names stand for Linear Power Supply – linear power supply. New items are designed to work with low-power audiophile components. Both modules provide accurate supply voltage up to 28W.

In each of the two sources, a toroidal transformer is installed, wound on an elliptical core and mechanically stabilized with an epoxy compound. Both blocks received fully symmetrical circuitry. The total capacity of the filtering capacitors installed in each of them is about 35,000 μF. The stabilization circuit uses low-noise MOSFET transistors and implements anti-interference filters.

NuPrime LPS-205 and LPS-212

Both devices work without the use of cooling fans, support a smooth exit to the mode and have a low voltage drop. The LPS-205 and LPS-212 power supplies are protected against input overvoltage, output overcurrent and overheating. Lightning protection of both devices is also provided.

The 205 model has two 5-volt USB outputs, supplemented by a pair of coaxial connectors. The LPS-212 has two 12-volt outputs, of course, there are no USB connectors in it. Both power supplies are rated for a maximum current of 2A. New items are produced in identical cases, externally differing only in the switching on the rear panel. The European price for power supplies LPS-205 and LPS-212 is the same – 400 euros.