Hagerman AudioTrumpet MC Phono corrector: field-effect input, passive filter, and tube amplification

Honolulu-based Hagerman Audio Labs has released the trumpet MC hybrid tube-transistor Phono corrector. The device was released in the third version — and its development, according to Hagerman, is aimed at ” preserving the excellent sound characteristics of the original and reasonably reducing costs due to technological advances”.

The Trumpet MC received an input differential stage on complementary JFET field-effect transistors. This made it possible to implement the gain and load settings required for working with MC cartridges, but as a result, the device also works with MM cartridges. In this case, the compensation scheme of the correction curve is performed on passive elements.

Hagerman AudioTrumpet MC

As for the amplifying part, it is assembled according to a fully balanced scheme, including the power supply. The lamps are heated using direct current, and a highly specialized internal low-noise step-up Converter is turned on after a 40-second delay-thus extending the life of the lamps. The manufacturer stated that the Trumpet MC scheme uses premium components: polypropylene capacitors and metal-film resistors.

Hagerman AudioTrumpet MC

The novelty received an aluminum case with a black powder coating in a discreet functional design. In the US, the cost of the Trumpet MC was $1,000.

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