HumminGuru: compact ultrasonic machine for cleaning vinyl

A project for an ultrasonic vinyl washer called HumminGuru has appeared on Kickstarter. The novelty turned out to be so compact that the developers (five designers from Hong Kong) offered to store it on the shelf along with the disks.

The device uses two ultrasonic emitters that act on the surface of the plate from both sides at once. At this time, it rotates in a volume of 350 ml of detergent, which the owner can choose for himself. Cavitation bubbles are responsible for cleaning the surface — they appear in the liquid under the influence of ultrasound.


Then the liquid is removed, and the plate is dried by a stream of air — also simultaneously on both sides. The entire process is automated and takes 7-10 minutes. In special cases, you can switch to manual operation or continue drying in addition. At the same time, the disk gets rid of static electricity.

The design of the new product also takes into account the possibility of storing the complete power cable directly in it. In addition, a container for filling water (detergent) is attached to the HumminGuru machine. All together, it weighs about 3 kg.

On Kickstarter, the HumminGuru ultrasonic vinyl cleaner project must raise $ 178,936 over the next two months to launch successfully. The price of the new product (kickstarter fee) is $ 300. If the project is successful, the distribution of finished products is scheduled for July 2021.

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