Kiseki BlackHeart NS and PurpleHeart NS cartridges: black and purple amaranth with reinforced and regular stylus mount

The Dutch brand Kiseki introduced two new models: BlackHeart NS and PurpleHeart NS. The first continues the history of its prototype, released in the early 80’s. True, now Kiseki new products are released in shortened cases, but the body of the new BlackHeart NS is still made of solid Blackheart wood (black amaranth).

The design of the cartridge repeats other models of the NS series, but the BlackHeart NS is the first of them to receive a polished flesh-colored diamond installed inside the cantilever, passing through it. According to the manufacturer, this mechanical design improvement will improve reproduction and reliability.

Kiseki BlackHeart NS and PurpleHeart NS

The Kiseki PurpleHeart NS also continues the story of its early prototype, but in a shortened Purpleheart solid wood case (purple amaranth). The rhombic stylus is fixed this time in the usual way. Otherwise, both cartridges are almost identical.

The short body is designed to simplify the installation of the cartridge in tonearms with standard seat sizes. Like other Kiseki models, the BlackHeart NS and PurpleHeart NS cartridges will be released in limited series.

The time of their appearance on sale and prices have not yet been announced.

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