Popori Acoustics FR1 electrostatic speakers: synergistically twinned WR1s, complemented by subwoofers

One FR1 electrostat from the Hungarian company Popori Acoustics, in fact, combined a pair of WR1 systems, which we wrote about at the beginning of the year. But Popori said it’s not that simple. According to the company, FR1 “means a completely new concept in which two panels work in complete synergy, complementing each other.”

You can’t really argue with this – if only because the doubled area of the panels will give a gain in low frequencies. However, one or more subwoofers (branded FR1b are offered) can be connected to the system – on one or both sides.

Popori Acoustics FR1 electrostatic speakers

Triggering makes such a bundle consistent with the “plug and forget” principle. A hint of the benefits of a subwoofer is also contained in the parameters of the system for which the frequency range is indicated: 22-30,000 Hz. Moreover, with an unevenness of ± 1 dB, a narrower range is worked out: 300 Hz – 10 kHz. Sensitivity of 96 dB and THD <0.1% at a maximum SPL of 110 dB add optimism.

A pair of Popori Acoustics FR1 floorstands weighing 90 kg and height under 180cm will cost 56,700 euros in Europe.

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