Kokoon NightBuds: in-ear sleep headphones

Kokoon Technology has introduced a new version of the sleep headphones. This time we are talking about compact in-ear headphones called “NightBuds”. Previously, Kokoon dealt with full-size models.

The modified design of the headphones did not affect their essence: NightBuds, like the original model, were created to make sleep as comfortable and productive as possible (to provide a good rest without extraneous noise). According to the manufacturer, NightBuds were developed with the participation of specialists who, at a scientific level, deal with human sleep. The headphones used technologies that will not only allow you to relax, but also relieve stress.

Kokoon NightBuds

Among the features of their new product, Kokoon Technology singled out “impeccable comfort”: the headphones will not interfere with sleeping on their side and will not fly out when the user is tossing and turning. A dedicated virtual assistant in the mobile application will constantly monitor sleep and collect information that will serve as the basis for personal advice in the future. Also, the headphones used a system for blocking external noise.

You can listen through NightBuds as pre-prepared “sleepy” binaural tracks with surround sound (rain, fireplace, nature, etc.), and any other music (there is compatibility with streaming services). The sensors will recognize when the user falls asleep and gradually drown out the sound.

Kokoon NightBuds

The company also suggested using NightBuds not only for sleep, but also during the day as regular headphones for work and sports. There is a special mode for answering calls. As for the technical equipment, the NightBuds received premium armature emitters, a Bluetooth 5.0 module, a 10-hour battery, and a USB-C port for recharging.

NightBuds is currently offered as part of a Kickstarter campaign starting at €110 (limited offer). Deliveries will start in May if all goes well. There is still a month before the end of the campaign, but it is already clear that the public liked the product – they raised more than 250,000 euro, and they planned to raise only about 22,000 euro.