EarFun Launches Inexpensive Air Pro TWS Earbuds with Edifier Sound and Active Noise Cancellation

EarFun introduced the inexpensive, fully wireless Air Pro headphones. This model, featuring an active noise cancellation system, was created in collaboration with the engineers of the Chinese company Edifier. The goal was to bring affordable headphones to market with all the current technology in demand, and Edifier was called in to help work on the right sound.

EarFun Air Pro

Despite the fact that the main feature of the headphones was ANC noise cancellation (they used a special smart QuietSmart system with automatic adjustment), it is worth paying attention to the emitters. Made with Edifier technology, the 10mm drivers have composite diaphragms that, according to EarFun, can expand the frequency range and improve bass transmission. Users were promised “double bass” and “crystal highs”. For signal transmission, Bluetooth 5.0 is used.

Considering that EarFun was conceived as the most technologically advanced headphones, the presence of additional technologies such as Transparency Mode (mode for communicating with others), Touch Control (touch control) and Clarity Call (telephone conversations without interference) is quite logical. By the way, the company approached the Clarity Call system very seriously: six microphones, an additional noise suppression algorithm and a technology for answering calls by voice command. It is possible to use only one earbud in a special mono mode.

EarFun Air Pro

Among other things, the Air Pro earbuds received protection against sweat and moisture (IPX5), batteries for 9 hours (the case with a charge will give another 23 hours). In ANC mode, the headphones can last up to 7 hours.

The EarFun Air Pro headphones are made in a versatile everyday design. So far only black is available. In the American market, the cost was $80.