M&K Sound X+ Series: THX Dominus Certified Subwoofers X15+, X12+ And X10+

The Danish company M&K Sound has announced three reference subwoofers at once, which have already received THX Dominus certification. The novelties inherited the achievements of the X series models in the X+ version and are designated as X15+, X12+ and X10+. As usual, the numeric indexes indicate the speaker caliber.

This means the top X15+ is the company’s first 15-inch Dominus-certified THX subwoofer for the largest consumer models. According to M&K Sound, the new items sound “exactly as the director intended”.

M&K Sound X+ Series

All three models are made in the proprietary Push-Pull architecture. They received new ICEpower Class D power amplifiers designed and manufactured in Denmark.

The new carbon fiber diffusers are complemented by the patented Aluminum Distortion Killer Shorting Ring. The speakers on the X12+ and X10+ have 30% larger voice coils and magnets when compared to the previous X Series.

M&K Sound X+ Series Power Specification

The capabilities of the M&K Sound X+ models are in their parameters. The lower frequency limit of subwoofers has reached 16Hz (X15+), 18Hz (X12+) and 20Hz (X10+). The RMS power and peak power for the X15+ subwoofer were 700 and 1,400W, respectively, for the X12+ – 600 and 1,200W, for the X10+ – 500 and 1,000W. The manufacturer suggested using them for premises with a volume of up to 185,85 and 60m³, respectively.

The cabinets of the new products are made of 25mm MDF and are equipped with internal spacers to eliminate vibrations or resonances. Detachable grills are fixed on invisible magnetic mounts. The M&K Sound X+ Series subwoofers are slated to arrive early in 2022.

In the US, the M&K Sound X10+ subwoofer will cost $4,500, the X12+ $5,000, and the X15+ $6,000.

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