NewArtVinyl Unveils Updated Black Bird 12.5 Tonearm

The Russian company NewArtVinyl has presented a new modification of the Black Bird 12.5 tonearm. According to the manufacturer, this version received a lightweight shell and counterweight weight design, which reduced the effective tonearm weight to 11 g. Effective tonearm length was 316.9 mm (12.5 inches).

According to NewArtVinyl, the micrometric tonearm head will allow the VTA to be adjusted smoothly and with high precision. Downforce adjustments are made with a cam counterweight with a low center of gravity, which will also help stabilize the tonearm.

NewArtVinyl Black Bird 12.5

The kit includes an additional weight for fine tuning in 0.01 g increments. The anti-skating system includes suspended weights and, according to the manufacturer, is simple and easy to adjust.

NewArtVinyl Black Bird 12.5

Aluminum, carbon fiber, steel and Teflon were used in the manufacture of the Black Bird 12.5 tonearm. For Black Bird 12.5, you can use cartridges from 4 to 12 g.

NewArtVinyl Black Bird 12.5

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