Planar headphones Dan Clark Audio ÆON 2 came out in the Noire version

MrSpeakers introduced the AEON 2 headphones in 2019. And at the same time announced its renaming to Dan Clark Audio, after its leader and chief designer. Moreover, the word “Speakers” in the name of the company that makes headphones did not sound quite logical. Now Dan Clark Audio has offered a special edition of ÆON 2 Noire — another addition to ÆON 2.

The novelty is still a lightweight design — the full-size folding AEON 2 weighs 350 g. The asymmetric magneto-planar emitter is mounted on a rigid duralumin frame and placed in a closed case, which in the Noire version received a glossy “black metallic” coating and carbon overlays. At the same time, it is claimed that the sound of AEON 2 Noire still differs from the previously presented versions.

According to Dan Clark Audio, it leaves a lively, exciting experience: even richer bass, more airy midrange and lively upper frequencies are promised. As stated, the sound of the novelty even more corresponds to the “Harman curve” – a variant of the frequency response, the most comfortable for most listeners.

Positive added special ear pads with a perforated inner surface, which were previously offered as an option, and in Dan Clark Audio SON 2 Noire Special Edition are available right out of the box.

The cost of new items in the United States was $900.

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