Relaxa 750 by eSseCi: the levitating platform for your turntable

The Italian company eSseCi Design has presented the Relaxa 750 vibration isolation platform based on the effect of magnetic levitation. The eSseCi Relaxa 750 platform is ideal for turntables and other audio equipment weighing up to 50 kg. However, the company’s nomenclature includes a whole range of vibration-isolating furniture for installing equipment of various sizes and weights.

Relaxa 750 by eSseCi

A distinctive feature of the Relaxa 750 model is that the upper supporting surface, made of tempered glass, literally floats in the air. Originally developed and patented in Italy in 1999 by Silvano Cremonesi, who is still the chief designer and head of eSseCi, the Relaxa series of anti-vibration platforms uses magnetic levitation technology to eliminate vibrations.

Relaxa 750 by eSseCi

The spirit level included with the platform allows you to adjust the ideal horizontal position of the carrying surface, which is necessary not only for the correct operation of the device, but also useful for the operation of your Hi-Fi equipment.

Relaxa 750 by eSseCi

In the UK, the Relaxa 750 Anti Vibration Platform is offered for £1,495.

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