Rumors: an updated version of Apple AirPods will be released next year

The main supplier of rumors about Apple, the Bloomberg portal, reported that the company is now developing new versions of the AirPods and AirPods Pro headphones – and the AirPods (not Pro) will be announced next year.

Both models will receive an updated design in addition to new wireless chips. For example, AirPods Pro will get rid of the branded recognizable “leg” on which the controls are located. They will still have noise canceling, but they look more like completely wireless headphones from Samsung or Google.

Ordinary AirPods will not get rid of the “legs”, but they will make it shorter, and will also add removable ear pads, and will also increase the operating time on a single charge. According to Bloomberg, it is the announcement of this model that may appear in the first half of 2021.

Bloomberg also said that development of full-size headphones is still underway – in addition, the company has plans for a third variation of the HomePod speaker, which will fill the niche between the full-size HomePod and the small HomePod Mini.

Full-size headphones have lost some of the removable elements: if earlier it was said that earpads and a headband could be changed for headphones, now it is reported that they decided to abandon the replaceable headband. The area of ​​the touch pad used for control has also decreased. In theory, the first batch of headphones was supposed to go into production a couple of weeks ago, but, allegedly, the dates were shifted due to the fact that the headband turned out to be too tight.