Spotify increase price

The price increase for Spotify subscriptions is announced this week. Everything will go smoothly: first, users will receive notification emails, then a one-month grace period, during which everything will be the same. And from the beginning of the summer, you will have to pay more.

And all this after the psychological price limit was announced and problems with the paying capacity of listeners were identified, many of whom will be forced to switch to “gray” content. This was recently announced by a service representative.

The reasons for the rise in prices are global. The damage from the pandemic and other factors have led to the fact that everything around has risen in price. Although Spotify has grown to over 150 million subscribers, the service has slipped by 125 million euros in the last quarter. Average revenue per user fell 8%.

More information should appear this week. On Thursday, Spotify will publish another report, where it will most likely comment on its pricing policy. At the same time, the new prices are already known.

At first glance, the growth is not that great – as a rule, by one unit in the currency of the subscriber’s country. That is, for example, the “Family” package in the USA will rise in price from 15 to 16 dollars. In the UK, the cost of Spotify Student will rise from £5 to £6.

In Europe, the “Student” and “Duo” packages will also rise in price by 1 euro. But the “Family” tariff in Europe will grow by 2 euros – up to 18 euros per month. Subscribers of “Single Spotify Premium” still use the service on the same terms.

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