Study: Listening to Music Improves Athletes’ Performance

Science has managed to confirm in detail what, in fact, everyone knows: music can enhance the physical capabilities of the body. It is enough to recall the drums used on galleys, battle marches or discos of the 80s, which opened up the possibilities of a rhythm of 120 beats per minute. No wonder back in 2007, the United States banned the use of portable audio players in long-distance running competitions, because listening to music gives runners a real advantage.

Professor Costos Karageorghis, Head of the Department of Sports, Health and Exercise Science at Brunel University London, has conducted serious research aimed at understanding the impact of music on athletic performance. The British scientist managed to show that music activates the parietal, occipital, temporal, frontal lobes of the brain and the cerebellum. Thus, the motor complex, image processing and coordination of movements are activated.

In parallel, it was proved that the most effective music is the one whose rhythm corresponds to the heart rate. If at rest it can be 50 beats per minute, then at full load the frequency reaches 130 beats. Interestingly, the rhythm of 140 beats is already ineffective — such a frequency is not characteristic of a healthy body.

At the same time, regular use of the same composition causes the effect of reflex activation of additional capabilities of the body. A separate part of the study showed that specially selected music can also help overcome the excitement and increase the concentration of the athlete before the start.

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