Teufel Supreme On: wireless headphones for the fashionistas

Teufel explained that the Supreme On headphones are designed for those who don’t want to choose between sound and style. According to the creators, headphones have already become a lifestyle accessory and they need to be developed with an eye to the future image.

In Teufel’s understanding, the novelty refers to high-end on-ear headphones. The round cups contain 40mm Teufel Linear HD speakers, which, according to the description, sound linear and powerful, playing in the 10Hz to 20kHz range. The speaker coil is copper-plated aluminum and the magnet is neodymium. Closed acoustic design.

Teufel Supreme On

For signal transmission, Bluetooth 5.0 is used, support for aptX and SBC codecs with AAC is declared. A quick connection to sources will be provided by the NFC module. Two Supreme On headphones can be wirelessly connected to the same source using ShareMe.

A small joystick is provided to control playback at the end of the right cup. All connectors – 3.5mm and USB-C for charging – are on the left. The batteries will last for 20 hours of continuous use.

Mixed finish with faux leather cups and mesh headband. The structure is foldable and is based on steel and aluminum. The headphones are available in six colors: black, gray, sand white, green, blue, and golden beige. In Europe, the Teufel Supreme On will cost 150 euros.