Ikko Opal OH2 Dynamic in-ear Monitor Review

Known for its wide range of in-ear earphones, Ikko recently introduced its new dynamic earphones: Opal OH2. The model is a continuation of the budget series and is designed to compete with competitors in the price range up to $100 (at the moment Ikko Opal OH2 in the official store costs $79). It should be noted that Ikko is very attentive to all aspects of its products. If we talk about Ikko earphones, it is not only a quality sound with its own emphasis, but also excellent quality of materials and assembly, as well as the packing set. What the new model from the famous company offers and how it sounds, we will find out in detail in this review.


Ikko Opal OH2

As we wrote above, Ikko’s attention to detail is a pleasant surprise, and packaging is no exception. The box is made of high quality cardboard and consists of three parts. The design theme is somewhat teenage, with a cartoon teenager on the front side and the same fridge magnet – a very unusual, but pleasant approach.

Ikko Opal OH2

Inside the box, the earphones are encased in dense white foam. Attached to each earphone are transparent tabs with the brand logo.

The kit included a standard set of documentation, 3.5mm to MMCX cable, quality leatherette case, a pair of spare mesh filters for sound guides, MMCX extractor and two sets of earpads: 6 pair of classic oval silicones and 3 pair combined (silicone base inside, and foam on top).

Ikko Opal OH2

The convex company logo is also here – amazing attention to detail.

The cable is quite dense and pleasant to the touch. It is woven from two strands of high purity monocrystalline copper wire of 127 µm diameter with a silver-plated magnetic core. One end is standard 3.5mm, on the earphone side – MMCX. This is quite a standard cable for this price category, it does not tangle due to its dense structure and softness at the same time. Unfortunately, Ikko does not offer balanced cable versions, but there is a large selection of MMCX cables on the market today and you can easily choose the right one for your source.


Ikko Opal OH2

The main leitmotif of the design of the new Ikko Opal OH2 has become a transparent part where the insides of the earphones are clearly visible – the printed circuit board. The earhones themselves have a pleasant heaviness, since the base of the body is metal.

Ikko Opal OH2

Even the designation of the channel letter ikko approaches carefully, marking both from the outside of the case – and on the printed circuit board under a transparent coating.

Ikko Opal OH2

According to the manufacturer, the Ikko Opal OH2 uses a 24K immersion gold board to optimize microcurrents, as well as an ultra-low resistance FPC. It’s hard to say what exactly is causing this, but the new OH2 looks really good.

Ikko Opal OH2 Sound Guide

The sound guide is already a familiar oval shape for many manufacturers. But a large complete selection of the same oval silicone earpads is supplied only by ikko – all for maximum ergonomics.

One compensation hole inside, and apparently one – from the outside of the case.

The ergonomics of the model is at a very high level. Almost all users whom we gave to try to listen to Ikko Opal OH2 put on headphones without any difficulty and did not experience any discomfort during use. The size of the Ikko Opal OH2 is average, and with the right choice of earpads, they will be suitable for most users.


Ikko Opal OH2 Sound

The overall sound of Ikko Opal OH2 is quite voluminous and wide. Certainly OH2 has its own sounding accent consisting in relatively velvety and soft sounding of musical material – whether it is rock, electronics or acoustic light styles. Ikko Opal OH2 smoothes out the sonic delivery over the whole range of frequencies without changing the meaning and atmosphere of the song. Really unique sonic underscore of this model.

In the low range you still get a clear bass drum kick, while it has a rather long and pleasant damping that perfectly harmonizes with the overall sound setup. You can focus on the bass guitar and completely trace its part without losing a single note, because the low range separation despite its softness is well separated.

The midrange has a good density and separation into mid-low and mid-high ranges which are perfectly matched to the low and high ranges, here Ikko engineers must be credited – really good work. Guitar, trumpet or keys have a rich tonal balance with proper decay and reverb. Everything sounds very lively.

The treble doesn’t stand out for anything special, but it complements the mid-range quite well, it doesn’t have any critical peaks or hiss, everything sounds balanced and quite musical.

Overall, the Ikko Opal OH2 sound has its own unique velvety charm that will make you listen to many of your recordings again and discover some new interesting moments that you may not have noticed before.


Ikko Opal OH2

The Ikko Opal OH2 stands out for its high attention to detail, whether in packaging, design or sound setup. The balance of the model in all aspects is probably the best in its segment. Of particular note is the unique soft and warm sound that you won’t find on the competition. However, it may not be suitable for everyone, we recommend that you first listen to Ikko Opal OH2 and maybe this is exactly what you were looking for. In any case, Ikko Opal OH2 will definitely be able to win your heart from the first track.

Ikko Opal OH2 Specifications

  • Compatibility MMCX
  • Sensitivity 100dB
  • Impedance 32 Ω
  • Dynamic driver: deposited carbon nano diaphragm
  • Material: metallic+High-transparent polycarbonate
  • Frequency: 20Hz-20KHz

Official site: ikkoaudio.com