Third generation Beyerdynamic T5: more realistic mids and high definition

Beyerdynamic decided that there was no limit to perfection, and therefore the third generation of the T5 closed-back headphones, equipped with Tesla speakers, was born. In this model, the engineers are said to have optimized the sound, achieving a more accurate and natural delivery in the midrange. As before, the model is designed in the best traditions of the top-end headphones of the brand: the closed cups are made of aluminum and varnished, the cup mounts are also aluminum, but anodized. The ear cushions are decorated with artificial leather and received a multi-layer filling, one of the layers of which is memory foam, which allows you to comfortably place the headphones on your head.

Beyerdynamic T5

Virtually all of the T5’s components – including the Tesla speakers – are made in Germany, and it is in the Heilbronn factory that the headphones are assembled. The set, in addition to the headphones themselves, also included a 1.4 m OCC7N copper cable that connects to both cups, protected by a fabric braid, and a hard case for storage and carrying.

Beyerdynamic T5

The headphones weigh 360 grams, play in the range from 5Hz to 50kHz, and due to the small impedance of 32 Ohm, they can be used with mobile sources. The cost of the third generation Beyerdynamic T5 will be $1,000 in the US.

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