Third generation Beyerdynamic T1: optimized design and more warmth

Beyerdynamic has continued to develop its line of headphones using Tesla-powered speakers with the release of the third generation of the open-top T1. The sound is even more three-dimensional, but it is warmer and bassier, according to the company. The open cups are perforated with different sizes of holes, and the cups are made of stainless steel and lacquered. Velor ear cushions, with several layers of filling, including memory foam. They are said to gently nestle against the head and do not press on – and can be removed and replaced if necessary. The headband is decorated with Alcantara. The cup mounts are made of brushed aluminum.

Beyerdynamic T1

The set comes with a three-meter OCC7N copper cable in a textile braid that connects to both cups, as well as a hard case. With a 32 ohm impedance, the new T1 can also be used with portable low power sources. Headphones play in the range from 5Hz to 50kHz.

The novelty is handcrafted in Germany. In the US market, the new T1 will cost $1,000.

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