Scendo Snapods TWS earbuds now MagSafe compatible

The Snapods TWS headphone project from the American company Scendo appeared on Kickstarter. In the Alpha version, they were presented on Kickstarter back in August. The Snapods Beta are said to be the first TWS earbuds to be compatible with the MagSafe charger mount, which magnetically attaches to the iPhone 12.

The fact is that the Snapods earbuds received a convenient flat charging case, which, unlike the case, does not have a lid. Headphones are inserted into the grooves on the end of the docking station and are fixed with magnets. The cradle itself is fixed on a magnetic frame, which can be easily glued to the body of the smartphone or to its protective case. According to the developers of Snapods, the glue leaves no residue. The iPhone 12 has its own magnetic MagSafe charging mounts. They are what the Snapods Beta charging cradle uses.

Scendo Snapods TWS earbuds

The case turned out to be flat and comfortable: the headphones are removed from it in one motion, and it itself does not make the smartphone too bulky. In addition to the smartphone, the creators of Snapods offer to fix the Snapods charging case to any surface: laptop, refrigerator, etc.

Each Snapods is ready to run for up to 5 hours on its own battery and up to 40 hours on its charging case. The device supports Qi wireless charging. Alternatively, you can use a charging adapter with a USB Type-C cable. Three LEDs on the case indicate the remaining charge. Touch control of the headphones will require you to remember several combinations of long and short touches, which will provide access to all the functions of the new item. The setting is available from a branded application.

Scendo Snapods TWS earbuds

Snapods received Qualcomm QCC3040 wireless chipset with Bluetooth 5.2 support with AAC and aptX. Advanced TWS technology – TrueWireless Mirroring Technology – enables faster exchange between two earbuds, saving 50% energy. The Snapods have custom 13mm drivers with a graphene-coated diaphragm. Also, each earphone has two microphones for voice communication and Qualcomm cVc 8.0 noise cancellation. The noise is reduced by up to 30 dB.

Scendo Snapods have already raised over $17,000 on Kickstarter, with the $10,000 required to launch the project successfully. The minimum contribution to get Snapods in February for US residents was $60.