TRN V90 review

We think you have heard about model TRN V80 earphones. At one time, it was well-known to everyone and stood out as a truly “people’s brand”. And so the company decided to take the next step and released the V90. Company prepared for a long time, but they did everything really qualitatively and wisely. We propose to consider this successor of the legendary series: TRN V90.
TRN V90 – it is an amazing combination of price, technology, quality and sound at the lowest possible price.

Accessories & Packaging

Earphones x 1 pair, Braided cable x 1 piece, Silicone eartips x 3 pair (Small, Medium, Large), Instructions manual x 1.

On the box are mentioned 10 drivers, but this is two ears. That is, we have in our hands a hybrid five-driver model, with one dynamic (10mm Diaphragm) and four customed balanced armature.

The standard cable is quite thin and does not inspire any confidence, in fact, in sound it also loses much to the TRN-T2 cable, which we recommend immediately purchasing with the TRN V90.

Standard cable supplied with TRN V90
TRN-T2 16-Core Silver-Plated Copper Upgrade Cable


The manufacturer claims that the earphone is made of “Aerospaces-grade aluminium chassis”. The earphone case really consists entirely of aluminum, quite pleasant to the touch and well made.

Inside of the body contains a single compensation hole. And the external one is a company logo and special cutouts for the best dynamics of a low-frequency driver. The sound channel is covered with a metal mesh at the end, and has a protrusion along the border for better retention of the ear pads.

If you choose the correct eartips from the kit, model fits comfortably in the ears and the sound insulation is excellent.


(*It is important to consider that everything described below applies to a specific price range and level of earphones.)

The sound of the earphones can be described as sophisticated: juiciness and drive here wonderfully combined with restraint and balance. Low frequencies quite deep, but they don’t push or try to be in charge. They sound exactly in their place and perfectly perform the function assigned to them.

The texture of the bass is drawn well, the bass guitar also has a distinct “beat” with the implementation in the region of the lowest frequencies. Vocals against the background of the bass sound easily and freely.

It’s worth paying attention to very low frequencies, they form a kind of tangibility, but do not prevent other instruments from opening even in the area bordering on the bass. The synthesized bass gives a very good speed and is even capable of separately practicing trainer patterns.

The manufacturer left the high frequencies quantitatively exactly so that they allowed the strings and brass instruments to open up and did not offend all kinds of percussion. Therefore, those who do not really like too sharp high frequencies can be calm. It should be noted that high-frequency customed balance armature drivers 30019 are quite suitable for this price range, and generally do their task well.

For mid frequencies in the TRN V90, a dual balance armature driver 50060 is responsible. They give excellent detail and elegant transparency of the scene in depth. If you like to listen to music saturated with various timbres, then V90 is just what you need. We don’t see any restrictions on the style. The overall feed is prone to microdetails, with good sparsity in the track. Corpulent, delicious and very comfortable sound.


TRN V90 is a worthy continuation of the V line. For extremely little money (33$-36$ on Aliexpress) today it is possible to get earphones with a good balance between musicality, details and depth in the low frequency range. We can recommend these earphones for beginner audiophiles.


  • Product Name: TRN V90 1DD+4BA Hybrid Metal In Ear Earphone
  • Brand: TRN
  • Model: V90
  • Earphone type: In-ear
  • Impedance: 22Ω
  • Earphone sensitivity: 110dB/mW
  • Frequency range: 7-40000Hz
  • Plug Type : 3.5mm Straight Plug
  • 9.Cable Length: 1.25m
  • 10.Color:Midnight, Black
  • 11.Whether with cable: Yes
  • 12.Earphone interface: 2Pin Interface
  • 13.Whether with mic: Optional
  • 14.Whether can replacement cable: Yes
  • 15.Driver unit: 4BA+1DD hybrid driver unit (Super-sized 10mm Diaphragm + Customed BA)

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