TRN-T2 16-core silver-plated copper upgrade cable review

TRN T2 is an excellent cable for an affordable price (13$ on Aliexpress) that allows you to assess the difference in sound.

How does the cable affect the sound?

The difference between standard cables and high-quality ones (starting from $10 TRN) is often huge, because there is a strong change in tonal balance (due to a decrease in distortion by the cable resistance to about-zero) and a decrease in noise from the microphone effect. A further difference in improving the quality of the cable is in the increase in detail when changing the micronuances of the feed, due to the reduction of introduced distortions, especially in the range from 1 kHz. In general, the influence of the cable material can vary from the level of influence of the nozzles (ear pads) to a complete change in sound, depending on the quality of the bundled (standart) cable, the headphones themselves and the source used, as well as hearing (different sound susceptibility + many people have reduced hearing detail plan).


For this price, you should not expect anything more. The cable is delivered in a simple cardboard box, all the necessary information is indicated on its reverse side.


Using a cable TRN-T2, an increase in sound detail is immediately noticeable, which manifests itself in a better contour of musical instruments, a better texture of vocals. The disappearance of distortion from the microphone effect. The cable gives more sparkling and clean high frequencies, but with a good amount of air, which is why it has noticeably more “drive” and deeper bass.

The difference between the standard TRN V90 headphones cable and TRN T2:


The cable deserves the highest possible rating, considering its price (13$ on Aliexpress). We recommend changing the standart cable to TRN T2 or other especially if you use a quality source.

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