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The selection of TWS earphones on the market in 2021 is very huge. Nevertheless, it is not easy to find a successful earphones: top models are often expensive. Tronsmart, which has been producing gadgets for more than eight years, created own flagship Apollo Air+, which we have already had in our review and were very satisfied. However, there is a junior model of successful earphones, they offer almost the same everything except for wireless charging and sensors responsible for automatic stop and play music. However, let’s take a closer look at Tronsmart Apollo Air.


Working with noise

Tronsmart Apollo Air

Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation is one of the main features of both Apollo Air and Apollo Air+. Each headphone has a pair of microphones to pick up external sounds – this is the key difference between the hybrid ANC and the conventional one. Additional sensors help to work more effectively with extraneous noise.

How does active noise reduction work? Sensitive sensors process all sounds, and the system delivers a wave of the same amplitude as the surrounding noise. Apollo Air (as well as Apollo Plus verison) cuts off some of the low frequencies and reduces the overall volume of the environment. If you do not turn on the music, the sound of wheels on the subway or the crying of a child on the plane will still be heard, although not so clearly. Despite this, the gadget received an aggressive noise reduction, which is almost not inferior to the top models of famous brands. You can put on headphones in the office or in the apartment, turn on ANC and enjoy the silence.

Vacuum plugs themselves provide good passive noise isolation. Even without music, you cannot always hear what is happening nearby. So that the headset does not interfere with talking with cashiers, waiters and passers-by, the “Around us” mode is provided. It enhances ambient sounds and voices, allowing, for example, to maintain a conversation with colleagues.

Maximum technology for minimum money

Tronsmart Apollo Air

Tronsmart Apollo Air is equipped with a Qualcomm QCC3046 chip. The modern chip has made it possible to implement the TrueWireless Stereo Plus function: the signal is transmitted not from one earbuds to another, but to two at once. Each earbuds is capable of working separately. Another similar solution significantly reduces audio latency, which is especially important when watching movies and while gaming.

Tronsmart Apollo Air

Tronsmart Apollo Air as well as Plus version uses Bluetooth 5.2. This version of the Bluetooth protocol features reduced power consumption and enhanced protection against interference. But, all its advantages will be appreciated only by owners of smartphones with Bluetooth 5.2. However, when working with an old smartphone, there were no problems: during the week of testing, there were no failures or cases of sudden disconnection of Apollo Air.

On the outside of each earbud, there is another microphone that transmits sound during phone calls or video conferences. The quality is decent: the interlocutors hear the user well even on a noisy street.

Tronsmart Apollo Air

The battery capacity in the each earbud is 35mAh. The battery lasts about 6 hours of listening to tracks at medium volume without ANC, and with noise reduction the device will last about 4 hours. The 300mAh case allows you to recharge the Apollo Air three more times. The total autonomy is on average 20 hours. The case can be powered via USB-C and Apollo Air Plus can also be powered by Qi wireless technology, and as we mentioned above, this is one of the differences of the Plus version.


Tronsmart Apollo Air

Tronsmart Apollo Air as well as Plus version received dynamic 10mm graphene drivers with 32Ohm impedance. Combined with support for the aptX codec, this results in pleasant and rich audio with a moderate emphasis on low frequencies. We have successfully tested the model on rock, pop and hip-hop. Only when playing heavy and fast music styles you may encounter minor difficulties – the middle and treble are slightly lacking. The volume reserve is impressive, it is almost impossible to listen to tracks at maximum.

Sound parameters can be adjusted using a proprietary utility available on Android and iOS. It features eight equalizer presets. You can increase the bass, switch to improved vocal reproduction, or set the optimal mode for rock. It is also convenient to update the firmware in the mobile application, see the charge of any TWS-earbud, switch between noise reduction and transparency preset. And also adjust gestures and taps for switching songs, increasing the volume, and the like.

Tronsmart Apollo Air are controlled by a touch pad on each earbud. The list of actions is extensive. A single press adjusts the volume, a double press pauses or resumes music, a triple press switches between ANC and sound transmission modes. A short hold of your finger on the button launches the voice assistant on the smartphone, a long hold – switches the track.

And perhaps the most important thing is that we could not hear the difference in sound with the Plus version – Tronsmart Apollo Air produces the same loud and clear sound.

Real life use

Tronsmart Apollo Air

Tronsmart Apollo Air case as well as Plus version made of matte plastic with a slightly rough surface. Traces and scratches do not remain on it with careful use. The design is strict and minimalistic, the only decoration is a thin strip of glossy material. The headphones are firmly attached to the magnets – everything is tightly fixed and will not accidentally open. There are no problems with the extraction either: earbuds are pulled out with a slight movement of the hand. The lid of the case is well balanced and closes with a nice click. There is an LED indicator that signals the battery charge level.

Tronsmart Apollo Air

The sleek Apollo Air body housings are made of glossy plastic. The large legs of the device accommodate various sensors, microphones and connectors for recharging. The earbuds are protected according to the IP45 standard, that is, they are not afraid of sweat, dust and light rain. The earbuds fit snugly in your ears and do not tend to pop out during active walking or sports. The set includes 3 pair different ear pads – it’s easy to find a comfortable size for yourself.


Tronsmart Apollo Air

Tronsmart has released one more a functional TWS earphones, which is significantly cheaper than its famous counterparts. Tronsmart Apollo Air in addition to the hybrid active noise reduction, attract with high-quality sound, laconic design, good autonomy and a convenient case. If you do not need wireless charging and a couple of extra sensors, you can completely stop at the standard version of Tronsmart Apollo Air. Note that both Tronsmart Apollo Air as well as Plus version turned out to be perhaps one of the best in their price category.


  • 35dB Full Frequency Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling.
  • Industry-leading Qualcomm QCC3046 Chip.
  • High Quality Qualcomm® aptx™ Audio Decoding.
  • Customized Graphene Driver for Better Sound Quality.
  • Three Modes Switching Designed for Different Scenarios.
  • Six Mics with cVc 8.0 Technology for Crystal-Clear Calls.
  • Advanced Bluetooth 5.2 Technology for a More Robust Connection & Lower Latency.
  • TrueWireless Stereo Plus Binaural Synchronous Transmission Technology.
  • Over 20 Hours of Playtime with Charging Case.
  • IP45 Dustproof & Waterproof.
  • Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Wearing.
  • Intelligent APP Control.

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