Wattson Audio released the Emerson Digital streamer

Swiss company Wattson Audio introduced the Emerson Digital streamer — a concise digital audio component designed to work in any setup that has a digital audio input S/PDIF or AES/EBU. First of all, it can be a high-quality DAC. For it, Emerson Digital has integrated an algorithm for processing proprietary audio streaming. According to the employees of Wattson Audio, this is a matter of pride for them. The new product is managed using the Wattson Music mobile app.

Wattson Audio

The system’s ideology is to preserve the original format of Hi-Res tracks provided by streaming services. In other words, no changes or conversions of the digital signal are performed in the system. The data integrity principle aims to ensure that streaming music is transmitted “bit-by-bit” throughout the signal path. PCM resolution is supported from standard 44.1 kHz to 24 bit/192 kHz.Emerson Digital developers also reported on the system’s precise timer, which they say ensures perfect synchronization of the data stream, without jitter, throughout — from network decoding to the output audio stream. The device is powered by an external 5-V adapter.

Wattson Audio

The compact, asymmetric Emerson Digital case is cut from a solid aluminum billet and protected by a powder coating. To work in conjunction with Emerson Digital, its twin brother (except for switching bodies and a set of functions) – Emerson Analog is offered. The European cost of Emerson Digital from Wattson Audio was 1,350 Swiss francs (about 1470$).

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