​LessLoss has released an improved passive network filter Firewall 640X

LessLoss has introduced a new modification of its audiophile noise blocking module Firewall.

This time we are talking about the improved Plug-and-Play Firewall 640X power filter, which is based on the original Firewall 64X (model 2019) and the technologies used in the Firewall for Loudspeakers module (a special version for speakers). According to the manufacturer, the schemes used in Firewall for Loudspeakers turned out to be more efficient, so the engineers wanted to update the network filter.

​LessLoss passive network filter Firewall 640X

According to LessLoss, the new product will provide a significant increase in terms of cleanliness and quality of food and, accordingly, sound. There are three separate lines inside the filter: phase, zero, and ground. Each of them has two large copper rods according to the Entropic Process technology, which the manufacturer paid special attention to.

Also, the creators of the device focused on the large total cross-sectional area of the used rods and transparent,” absolutely clean ” epoxy resin, which is filled with the entire module. Some of the elements involved were created by 3D printing – according to the manufacturer, this provided the maximum level of manufacturing accuracy. As before, the company used only passive interference filtering.

​LessLoss passive network filter Firewall 640X

As for prices, LessLoss offered several options: the Firewall 640X module itself for $654 (the same price as the standard 64X), the Firewall 640X module with a proprietary C-MARC cable for $1,272, as well as the Firewall 640X with a 50% discount for all owners of the first modification (64X).

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