Transformer for turntables Phasemation T-550: symmetric conversion in the range of 10 Hz-50 kHz

In the portfolio of the Japanese company Phasemation, the T-550 step-up transformer for vinyl player cartridges has appeared. The magnetic flux control technology and the mounting design of the entire device were borrowed from the successful T-1000 model.

The T-550’s chassis, massive front aluminum panel, and body walls are made of non-magnetic materials. Even the mounting screws are not magnetic — they are made of stainless steel. The transformer is protected from vibration by a layer of soft rubber, in which it “floats” inside the housing. There are no other mechanical contacts with the housing.

Transformer for turntables Phasemation T-550

The transformer is wound with a thick copper wire on a massive permalloy core. The device parameters are selected for operation in the frequency range of 10 Hz-50 kHz with an unevenness of +2 dB. The configuration of the windings provides for a symmetrical and unbalanced signal transmission option — and in the first case, the noise level is particularly low.

Transformer for turntables Phasemation T-550

At the same time, the manufacturer warned that the simultaneous connection to balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA can, on the contrary, lead to increased noise levels. The novelty is compatible with cartridges with a resistance from 1.5 to 40 ohms.

Transformer for turntables Phasemation T-550

The cost of the Phasemation T-550 step-up transformer in the European market was 1,150 euros.

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