Zavfino Lycan 270G clamp: aviation aluminum, Delrin, leather and oak

The Lycan 270G clamp is positioned by Zavfino as a necessary audiophile accessory made of selected materials that can effectively absorb, disperse and reduce vibrations.

The base of the clamp is aviation aluminum. Delrin material and silicone also played an important role, according to the company. According to the manufacturer, Delrin (polyoxymethylene) is able not only to dampen vibrations, but also to protect the bearing from wear. The lower part of the clamp is additionally covered with leather, so as not to spoil the plates. In the upper part there is a removable insert made of oak. Inside, there was also a place for EVA foam.

Zavfino Lycan 270G clamp

Lycan 270G was recommended for different types of turntables. According to Zavfino, the clamp can improve the sound of both new and old deformed records.

In the US, the Lycan 270G cost $227.

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