Active Totaldac d2-Core crossover with latency control can be extended with streamer functions

The index “2” in the name of the Totaldac d2-Core crossover indicates that this new product supports two frequency bands. The crossover is good in situations where one amp serves the bass and the other the mids and highs.

For three-way systems, the d2-Core is also suitable when, for example, the low-frequency link receives the signal directly and uses its own crossover, which, in fact, does any active subwoofer. The d2 audio path is copied from the d1 model. Unlike d1, in d2 there are, of course, not two such sound channels, but 4. And this is not the limit, there are already 6 of them in the Totaldac d3-Core crossover.

Totaldac d2-Core

Totaldac d2-Core allows you to adjust the cutoff frequency in 1 Hz steps and a steepness of 6, 12 or even 18 dB / oct. Since all signal processing takes place in the digital domain (69-bit DAC is used), the new product also allows you to adjust the delay. The proprietary Totaldac volume control also works here, and the level at low and mid-high frequencies can be adjusted separately.

The d2-Core package has enough room to add a streamer card. In this case, the device will also receive DAC functions. As a result, a digital pre-amplifier-streamer-DAC-crossover option is achievable in one compact device.

The first copies of Totaldac d2-Core will go to future owners in the next 5 days.

In Europe, Totaldac d2-Core is priced at 6,800 euros.

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